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The Slaying of Lycaon

Here's an older one, from about a year and a half ago. I started this right after I passed my first anatomy exam, so some of the knowledge was used right away.

At a time, when the gods yet roamed the material plane, the adamantine mountains were home to a foul plague of beasts. Lycaon, the wolf king, and his kin romed the slopes, their unsatiable hunger driving them to devour whoever set foot in the mountains, especially the dwarves, who came to mine the precious adamantine. Unable to kill the monster by themselves, they prayed to Gladia, the goddess of the sword, who was renowned for slaying many primordial evils, and she answered. By her blade the foul king fell, enabling the dwarves to get a foothold in the mountains. Everthereafter, the goddess was revered by the dwarves as their saviour. Many statues were erected to honor her, one of them the statue outside the gates of Nargûn-Dûm, where it stands, long after the dwarves abandoned the once prosperous mining city.