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Blade of Nox

After Mitras, Nox took their blade and with her blood turned it into the blade of Nox. She cut her palm and her divine blood sprayed on the earth to breathe life into the creatures of the night.
After the gods left the world, the blade remained, hidden and in deep slumber. Through the ages the sword appeared and reappeared in many shapes. Last the blade was used by a creature of shadow, to reign an army of night creatures and attack the small country Litwalden. The half goddess Nadia Mora was impaled by the shadow, but managed to use it's own blade to destroy it. The blade of Nox can cut Nox and even more so her creatures.
The blade was buried with Nadia Mora, the last hero. For centuries it waited in her lost tomb, until Mikkel, an adventurer, took the blade for himself.